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to the reader...

Wow! You're here! Despite all odds, out of the 7 billion people calling Earth home, you and I have connected here on this website, a spider's web of zeros and ones that says "this is KC Grace, and this is you, and here you are together". How utterly improbable it is, and what a delightful surprise! 

Let me introduce myself. I'm KC, I like pumpkins and sea turtles, I have a lucky penny collection, and what I love above everything is to set off in no particular direction, walking until I can't possibly walk any more. I also write. I write across any genre that captures my heart. Sometimes I write about fictitious secret societies in 19th century Boston, sometimes I write about mice, and sometimes I write about post-apocalyptic Florida where aliens and humans team up together and find unexpected friendship. But most of all, I try to write all the ups and downs of existence. Writing is my meditation, my way of capturing snapshots of the vibrant emotions and happenings of living.

If you're here, you might be a Reader. I hope you are - it's a beautiful type of person to be. I hope if you read my stories, you find a bit of solace and escape from life, the type of escape that reminds you how much life is worth living. I couldn't want for anything more. 

Thank you for stopping by to visit.

Sincerely yours,



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KC Grace is the author of Willow Wood, An Impractical Guide to Making Home and The League of Scholars, a serial novel releasing on Amazon Vella and on the League of Scholars website. She lives on the Florida Space Coast, where rockets are more common than government holidays and checking under your car for alligators is a thing.

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