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Where I am now

Space Coast, FL / Studying Conservation Biology / Learning Spanish

Places I've Gone

Montana, Nebraska, Washington, Florida, Alaska

Things I've Done

Ninja Shoebox Stacker, rock climbing, classical piano, Barista, motorcycling, Mattress Builder, Koine Greek, Latin, bonsai, surfing,      Bookbinder, ramen cooking, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Favorite Books

The Count of Monte Cristo, Dumas / As Easy as Falling Off the Face of the Earth, Perkins / The Historian, Kostanova /

   The Tale of Despereaux, DiCamillo / Inkheart, Funke / 

     The Supper of the Lamb, Capon

Favorite Things

Wandering off into the forest, the smell of autumn, good wine with friends, chipped black nail polish, rising bread dough, street lamps at night, trees


Go one month without wearing shoes, travel to Europe and South America, master the baguette, collect 100 lucky pennies, write more books

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