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McKee Gardens

I am catching up on this, as I went to McKee Gardens, Vero Beach, FL in August. It was one of the loveliest gardens I've been to - a semi-tamed wild, with thick hammocks (groups of hardwood trees and brush), ponds filled with waterlilies and lotuses, and flower plantings along the trails.

They also had a enchanting children's garden, with blue mushroom sculptures, fairy circles, turtles, a pirate ship, and a water fountain play area. One of my favorite things about the children's garden was that underneath the pirate ship was a myriad of play instruments. They were each types of gongs and chimes that had a hauntingly beautiful sound and were lovely no matter how many were going at once or how loud kids were banging on them. It was perfectly relaxing, and such a brilliant idea. Kids get to bang on things and make noise, and adults get to enjoy a nice zen moment.

I also enjoyed the handmade fairy houses scattered throughout the children's garden. I hope the fairies are enjoying them, because they are beautiful.

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